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Liam’s Puppy Graduation

Liam has grown so much since the first time we had met him.  My husband  and I went looking for a Siberian Husky.  In that search, we met and  fell in love with Liam.  He was the first one I picked up and he was so  adorable.  He was a little bundle of fur.  My first thought was the line from  “Despicable Me”  which was “He’s soooooo fluffy!”  We knew we  just had to have him.  We put a deposit down on him that day but we  weren’t able to pick him up for a few weeks.


Luckily for us the breeder was nice enough to let me visit with the kids a week later.  They got to meet him and fall in love with him too!  I  think Liam really got a kick out of the kids.  He sure was a snuggler  that day.




6a01bb07cffdeb970d01b7c7320fbf970b-500wiAnother long week of waiting after that, we got to bring our puppy home.

6a01bb07cffdeb970d01bb07d5d203970d-500wiAnd a few hours later after sniffing each other though doors, he got to meet  his new sisters, Zoe and Dora.

6a01bb07cffdeb970d01bb07d5d217970d-500wiHe has been growing up nicely over the summer.  And I have to say he is getting cuter and cuter if that is possible.


This is him at about 3 months of age.
6a01bb07cffdeb970d01bb07d5d26e970d-500wiHere he is enjoying the slip and slide.
 Liam @ Three Dogs Bakery
6a01bb07cffdeb970d01bb07d5d293970d-500wiHis first visit to Moochie & Co.
6a01bb07cffdeb970d01b8d0bb8a7c970c-500wiEnjoying the day with his family.
6a01bb07cffdeb970d01b7c7321078970b-500wiAnd  now at almost 4 months of age, he is a puppy graduate!  We are so proud  of you Liam.  We are so happy that you are a part of our family!







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