Aidan was so brave at Safety City!!  He had such an adventure. He attended for 7 days and then had a graduation at
the end that included fingerprinting.

DAY 1: meet police officers, saw and sat in
a police car, learned about bike safety and helmets
and met other children in the class.

DAY 2: saw a movie on strangers and how to
remain safe and learned about handling animals
from the dog warden. He also got to walk on the
safety city streets for the first time.

DAY 3: learned about fire department safety and
walked on the safety city streets.

DAY 4: learned about good dental care, the 5 food
groups, gun safety, shown the inside of an ambulence
and got to ride the cars in safety city for the first time.

DAY 5: learned about railroad safety from engineers,
poison safety from a nurse, and learned(went over) their
home addresses and phone numbers. **became a 3 star

DAY 6: learned about 911 and emergencies and electrical
safety and rode the cars again at safety city.

DAY 7: got to ride a school bus, learned about pool safety
rules from a lifeguard and safety info from the american
red cross.

DAY 8: GRADUATION!!! Congratulations AIDAN!!!

I have to say he also learned the cutest safety city songs
which I taped of him singing…..

**SAFETY CITY photos from June 10, 2009 – June 19, 2009**


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