Cedar Point · Renée

Linus…My Hero!

Over the summer we decided to get season pass tickets at Cedar Point. Since this is the home of “Camp Snoopy” and “Planet Snoopy” I made it a point to look for Linus. I am a

well known Linus addict and was hoping to spot him in one of the kid areas. My first visit proved to be unsuccessful. I am happy to say that I had better luck on my visit during
Memorial weekend. We had just gotten off the snoopy coaster and there he was. I chased him down and have to admit that I dragged my kids in for a picture with Linus. Then I guess I embraced my obsession and got a picture with just Linus and me. I have to say that it just made my day!!
**Earlier layout but I wanted it on the blog since it

contained Linus**



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