This story started off in very comfortable but noisy house where discussions ranged from the sweet to bizarre. Talks centered on school, work and the everyday adventures of the kids. Each kid had their own little mini story to tell. Well that day began the summer long pursuit of Madison and her desire to have an American Girl Doll. She didn’t want just any doll. The doll had to look JUST like her.
Madison was constantly online looking over the dolls and all their accessories. I would hear about how cool they were and all the “stuff” you could get for them. I was informed that some of them came with books. These books covered information in History that she really should know. Didn’t I understand that the doll was not only beautiful but educational as well? The most exciting information was the fact that they could have matching clothes and pajamas. This doll, the one she didn’t even own, was already given a name. She called her “Maddie.”
I explained to her that those dolls were very expensive and that if she saved up her money she could get one next year on our trip to Chicago. Well, it turned out her plan was to get one before then so she could go outfit shopping for her on our vacation. She wanted to take her to the American Girl Restaurant and let her sit at the table. In my mind I could see her going over the menu and what she planned to order.
About a month later Madison’s Grandma came over and it turned out she was headed to Chicago that week. She informed Madison that a little birdie told her that she wanted an American Doll. Needless to say, Grandma made it back from Chicago with not only a doll, but a few outfits for her and a book. I have my suspicions that the little birdie was her cousin who already had her own doll and wanted Madison to have one too.
I hope you remember this story Madison because no doubt you will have your own similar story to tell someday in future to your own daughter. And I will get to play the roll of Grandma and spoil her. After all, some stories are worth repeating.



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